Books & Chapters

Books & Chapters


R.L.Morgan-Jones & R.Wade
ISBN 0 9534220 0 5, Ossicle Publishing 1999


R.L.Morgan-Jones, T.Cross, M.J.Cross
Clinical Reviews in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine

QUESTIONS for the FRCS (Orth)

A.L.Smith, R.L.Morgan-Jones

Knee & Tibial Injuries (Chapt.19) - Trauma

J.S.Sampath, B.Ilango, R.L.Morgan-Jones


Meniscal Bearing Uncemented Total Knee Arthroplasty

Morgan-Jones, Roger, Solis, Parish, Cross
Journal of Arthroplasty Vol.18 No.1 2003

Infection, resistance and new antibiotic agents in older orthopaedic patients.

Geriatric Medicine

The Meniscal 'Pseudocyst': a clinical sign of a torn lateral meniscus

Morgan-Jones, Watson, Cross, Saldahna,
The American Journal of Sports Medicine

Patient Satisfaction with Pre-Operative Analgesia in Acute Trauma

Morgan-Jones, Cutler, Kaul, Smith
J Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh, December 2000, Volume 45, No.6: 371-2

'Silent' Transverse Patella Fracture following ACL Reconstruction

Morgan-Jones, Cross T., Caldwell, Cross M.J


Uncemented TKR- the favourable influence of low over high pressure drainage

Morgan-Jones, Perko, Cross
The Knee, Vol.7 No.3, July 2000

Chronic Osteomyelitis in South Africa

British Orthopaedic News, Issue No.21, Spring 2000

'Hinged' K-wires for the Management of Patellar Tendon Rupture

Giles, Morgan-Jones, Brown

Vertical Transtalar Steinmann Pin Fixation of Unstable Ankle Fractures

Morgan-Jones, Smith, Thomas
Ann R Coll Surg Eng

The Inter-Cruciate Ligament of the Human Knee

Morgan-Jones, Cross
J Bone Joint Surg (B), Vol.81-B, No.6: 991-94, November 1999

A Novel Method for Windowing Plasters

Roberts, Kirby, Morgan-Jones
Injury Vol.30: 2, 135-6, March 1999

The Audit of Orthopaedic Trainee Teaching Improves Supervision Rates

Cool, Morgan-Jones, Oliver, Richardson
Ann R Coll Surg Eng, 1999 May, 81: 3, 195-7

Home Suction-Irrigation Antibiotic Therapy for Chronic Osteomyelitis

Home Page, Issue 7: 7-8, 1999

The Motivation to Learn

Morgan-Jones, Wade, Richardson
Ann R Coll Surg Eng 1998, 80: 4, 271-3

The "Diana Effect"

Morgan-Jones, Smith, Oakley
BMJ, Vol.316, No.7146: 1750-51, June 1998

Multiple Joint Pain following Steroid Therapy

McLelland, Morgan-Jones, Wynn-Jones
Post-Graduate Medical journal, Vol.74, No.876: 629-30, October 1998

Chronic Osteomyelitis & Multi-Resistant Organisms in Orthopaedics (Editorial)

AURA - An Updated Review of Abstracts, August 1998

Injury & Repair of Soft Tissues: 2 Repair

J Assoc Orthop Chart Physiotherapists, Vol.4, No.3: 17-19, 1998

Injury & Repair of Soft Tissues: 1 Injury

J Assoc Orthop Chart Physiotherapists, Vol.4, No.2, 1998

Arthroscopic Debridement of External Fixator Pin Tracts

Morgan-Jones, Bergert, Richardson
Injury Vol.29, No.1: 41-2, January 1998

An Audit of Theatre Scrubrooms

Morgan-Jones, Buckley, Carmichael
Ann R Coll Surg Eng, July 1997, 79: 296-8

Old Enemies, New Solutions: Chronic Osteomyelitis

Morgan-Jones, Wade, Richardson
J Assoc Orthop Chart Physiotherapists Vol.3, No.2: 29-30, 1997

The Generalist Training Grade

BMA News Review Vol.22, No.20: 39, January 1997

Informed Refusal

BMA News Review Vol.22, No.11: 31, November 1996

Telemedicine in Trauma Surgery

Health Informatics, Vol.2, No.4: 188-93, October 1996

The Imperforate Urinary Catheter - an unusual cause of anuria

Petty, Morgan-Jones
BMJ, Vol.313, No.7070: 1496, 1996

Post-Traumatic Triggering of the Left Hallux

Morgan-Jones, Ali, McBride
The Foot Vol.6: 200-1, October 1996

Pre-Operative Analgesia after Injury

Injury 1996 October; 27(8): 539-41

Symptomatic Non-Union of an 8th Rib Fracture

Morgan-Jones, Mackie
Injury, Vol.27, No.2: 147-8, March 1996

Orthofix -Review of an Intensive One-Day Seminar

Surgery, Vol.13: 10, October 1995

Autologous Splenic Transplantation

Morgan-Jones, Lewis
Prescriber's Journal 1995, Vol.35, No.2

Formal Assessment of the Surgical Trainee - an 8 year review

Morgan-Jones, Cassell, Milling
Ann R Coll Surg Eng (Bulletin) November 1995, 77; 6: 307-9

Safe Manipulation of Penile Zip Entrapment

Morgan-Jones, Mattu, Hicks
Injury Vol.26, No.2: 132, 1995

Delayed Presentation of a Carotid False Aneurysm & Carotico-Jugular Fistula

Morgan-Jones, Hicks, Havard, Winter, Lewis
Hospital Update, November 1994

Do Smoking Cessation Clinics Work in a D.G.H.?

Morgan-Jones, Mattu, Hughes, Fryer, Lewis
J Smoking Related Dis 1994 (Suppl.1), 5: 247-51

A Pancreatico-Colic Fistula Presenting as an Occult Neoplasm

Hicks, Morgan-Jones, Hughes, Lewis
Clinical Radiology Vol.49, No.9: 658-60, September 1994

Oesophageal Haematoma: a difficult diagnosis

Havard, Morgan-Jones, Hicks, Lewis
Ann R Coll Surg Eng, January 1994

Nicotine Replacement Therapy: the case against N.H.S. scripts

Morgan-Jones, Shenolikar, Lewis
Pulse, January 1994

Grooves in the Superior Surface of the Liver

Newell, Morgan-Jones
Clinical Anatomy, Vol.6, No.6, 1993

Accidental Intra-arterial Injection

Morgan-Jones, Pullin, Havard, Lewis
Hospital Update, August 1993

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: still missing the message

Gateley, Morgan-Jones, Lewis - B.J.Surg, Sept. 1993, Vol.80, No.9: 1215